Laravel 5: Working with tables using jQuery & ajax

The native way in displaying record in Laravel is by passing collection from controller to the view. We put it inside the table using foreach loop, we create rows. If you are beginner it is the most effective and efficient way in populating the data from the controller.

Once you go around and learn things combining Laravel with jQuery or Ajax, you will discover some ways in manipulating data records.

The one I will be showing is how to populate table using jQuery + Ajax in your application’s blade.


  • No refresh page needed
  • Feel faster in client side
  • You can do a lot of things using JavaScript with the data available.
  • You can add a lot of jQuery stuff like jQuery notifications, loading effects, etc.
  • You can do one pager application overall


  • Additional code needed
  • Needed to learn jQuery and Ajax to fully understand

Using this method is really up to you and I am not insisting with it.  You can actually copy and paste these codes and it will run still. But I suggest learning a little scripts.

Let’s learn how to Populate table using jQuery + Ajax. Let’s go with the steps…

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