Laravel Storage: Uploading multiple files

In this tutorial I will show you how to use Laravel Storage in your projects. Using Laravel Storage is really simple and I find it more flexible than using the old PHP way. If you will understand this, you can even expand like using dropzone or jQuery Fileupload.

Btw, I’m using Laravel 5.4, but it will work with any 5.x

The steps I will show you will be direct to the point and will be in routes. Of course you can convert and put it in your controller whatever necessary. By doing this I can show the steps without other interference.

Note: you can also use it with single file.

Lets go to the steps.

Step 1: Create a view. As for me I used the default home.blade.php in my Laravel Project and just edit the content.

Assuming you are using Laravel Collective’s HtmlServiceProvider, you can just copy and paste it. If not the you will have to convert it to normal Html elements.

It will look Like this

laravel storage file upload


  • input name should end with [], which means it contains array of files
  • multiple should be added as well to allow you to select multiple files
  • remove the above, if you want only single file
  • the form url is where your code should be
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