How often do you buy new computer?

Do you remember how many times you bought a computer or laptop?

In this fast changing technology, we might find it amusing that our computer that we bought today will be obsolete tomorrow. Regarding this fact, is it really that good to catch up with this ever-changing technology of computers and its peripherals?

The answer might be yes, IF…, of course you can…

Upgrading your computer or buying new one requires lots of $$$. Every 3-6 months computers, gadgets brings new updates to its hardware like for instance its video card.

So, how often do you really buy new computer?

Average people like me changes computer every three years, this of course with proper care of the computer. This includes some basic office applications, small to mediocre games, photo and video editing and some stuff. Caring for your computer is the key, if you want it 3 to five years, and of course you don’t need heavy requirements for your computer. With 4GB or memory, DDR3 video card and 1TB hard disk drive, that’s good for a 3 year span.

Multimedia studios change computers every 1 to 2 years, in my personal experience I have to replace some parts of my computer just to keep up with software that need lots of system resources. Some software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects can bring heavy resources. Also the average usage of studio computers are 8-10 hours, which hardware can be on test.

Gamers probably changes the most among users, although not all but if you want to cope up with what you are playing, you need to upgrade. Games nowadays continue to upgrade its requirements and videocards continue to level up. Which means your new videocard might not be able to run your game’s next update at maximum performance. Gamers average usage will depend on how gamer can control his self. I have experienced playing 10 hours straight just to finish an entire chapter of a game.

Since I’m just an average user, the computer I’m using now is 3 years and still running good, of course I know how to take care of it. I still play HD games, in high quality and yet still enjoying the game (although I wish I can put it to maximum quality).


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