20 Best Websites to learn how to code

So you want to learn how to code? Do you want to be that techie programmer person that most people see them geek, but super awesome people? These are some of the best place to learn how to code. You can visit each one of them but I personally suggest to try codeacademy.com. Its a great place for beginners, especially their interactive exercises that you can work, with increasing level of difficulty.

  1. codecademy.com – Interactive coding instructional exercises.
  2. w3schools.com – Probably contains tutorials of most used programming language. (just pick one of the time)
  3. codecombat.com – Play a diversion and figure out how to code in Python and JavaScript.
  4. codeschool.com  –  Learn web innovations through its interactive exercises.
  5. stuk.io – Developing your fantasy web application. Allows you to learn how to code faster.
  6. platzi.com  – Live spilling classes on outline, advertising and code.
  7. thinkful.com  – Choose a course and get allocated a guide.
  8. code.org – Learn software engineering.
  9. baserails.com — Master Ruby on Rails through task based learning.
  10. treehouse.com  – Get the instruments to help you to succeed whether you are a fledgling or an old expert.
  11. onemonth.com  – Learn to manufacture web applications in one month.
  12. dash.generalassembly.com  –  Learn to make great sites.
  13. railsforzombies.org – Learn Ruby on Rails by watching recordings and finishing the activities.
  14. codelearn.org – Learn Ruby on Rails by making an application right in your program.
  15. rubymonk.com – Free intelligent instructional exercises to assist you with finding Ruby phrases.
  16. tryruby.org – Take 15 minutes to give Ruby a possibility.
  17. learn-c.org – Free intelligent instructional exercises to show you the C programming dialect.
  18. learnjavaonline.org – Learn the rudiments of Java.
  19. learnpython.org – Learn the rudiments of Python.
  20. tryhaskell.org – Learn Haskell with free intuitive lessons.

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